Tuesday, 8 May 2012

travellerlina and her artifacts

 I think it was back in 1998 when I discovered my love for fabrics. After some months of experimenting with hand-sewing, I gifted myself with an electric sewing machine. And started improvising....

A whole new world opened up for me. A world of colours and fabrics. I made bags and purses. I even tried to make clothes, but it was a disaster! hahaha! I even went to a school for a couple of months to learn how to make clothes, but it was a disaster too! I did not have the patience to measure and cut the fabric and then transform it to a garment.

 But I did not give up. I continued making beautiful artifacts and left the clothes-making to the ones that really loved it! So here is my new blog, dedicated to my colourful creations. My children really...  I will start photographing all the pieces and posting them here. They will have a price, in case someone wants to buy them. 

PS the photos are by antonisartheart, a man that loved me and my creations and is no longer in life. I remember his love and it will still live on...

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